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Are Param Points tradeable?

  • No, Param Points is an off-chain virtual currency within the Param ecosystem. These points cannot be bought or sold directly but can be amassed through various activities and utilized to claim a range of rewards and benefits within the ecosystem.

What blockchain will $PARAM be on?

  • Ethereum

What can you use Param Points for?

  • Used to claim $PARAM token airdrops

  • Used to claim NFT airdrops

  • Used within our merch store

How can you earn Param Points?

  • Earned through our "Farming" system

  • Earned through our gaming asset incentive "Soft Staking" system .

Who are developing the Param Gaming Ecosystem?

  • Param Labs is an independent game and technology development studio specializing in multiplayer blockchain games and innovative technology development. www.paramlabs.io

When will the first in-house developed game be out?

  • Kiraverse is currently in open Beta, however a final release date is still TBA.

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