The flagship product under this pillar is the free-to-play title Kiraverse; an engrossing action-packed shooter multiplayer game with amazing mechanics. The game design features various modes empowering gamers to enjoy diverse gameplay options regardless of experience or playstyle. Players can engage in dynamic modes like battle royale and free-for-all or enjoy an open-world exploration.

The game not only showcases our technology's capabilities but also empowers players to battle, strategize, trade, and customize, fostering user-generated value with unparalleled freedom. Kiraverse is more than just a gaming platform; it's a window into the future of gaming culture, offering blockchain-powered, IP-rich entertainment.

Kiraverse’s gameplay is further personalized through the importation of custom IPs ranging from a diverse selection of NFT collections to avatars from different entertainment genres for a unique, cross-IP, and cross-ecosystem experience.

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