Param Laboratory

Param Labs is creating a modular, interconnected Web3 gaming ecosystem, consisting of games and infrastructure.

Param Labs is the home for gamers and developers, and our ambition is to become the benchmark for next-generation gaming experiences. Here, we use our resources to build exciting games, developer tools, and infrastructure to empower millions with true digital property rights and ensure value is returned to users.

Our mission is simple; We aim to revolutionize the value gamers and developers are able to derive from gaming experiences, while uniting unique IPs within a vast entertainment ecosystem. To achieve this, we’ll use cutting-edge tools and emerging technologies such as AI and Blockchain to solve the most common problems we believe are preventing gaming from scaling to its fullest potential.

Central to this vision is $PARAM – the on-chain utility token powering the Param ecosystem; from governance to value accrual.

Partners & Backers

Thanks to our major partners, we will introduce our products to millions of users and we will continue to secure further partnerships with strategic companies as we scale to broaden our reach!

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