While our journey is just beginning, our primary objective is to ensure that all stakeholders can take part on this journey with a clear understanding of how we plan to create and channel value within our ecosystem.

Param Labs' economy is designed with utmost sustainability in mind. This is done in such a way that both immediate and future growth are well-balanced around the treasury performance. The treasury being the war-chest for the development journey and value accrual to stakeholders will continue to see steady health, thanks to all the activities being conducted throughout the ecosystem.

Key indicators in the economy include PARAM token, DAO treasury, Governance, revenue from Param Labs IPs and partner/community initiatives, and marketplace activities.

Below, we outline important economic processes within Param Labs and the roles of different agents in creating and distributing value throughout our ecosystem with a majority accruing directly to $PARAM.

The value accrual flow demonstrates how our network effect is set to stimulate the economy around the $PARAM token.

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