Governance Parameters

Holders can make proposals that influence some of our Governance Parameters.

Usage and Engagement: Implementing achievement systems, quests, and other incentives to boost user adoption. KPIs include daily active users, transaction volumes, protocol fees, and total value locked (TVL). These initiatives are aimed at increasing user involvement in the Param Ecosystem.

Ecosystem Development Incentives: This focuses on rewarding dApps, infrastructure providers, and technology partners integral to Param DAO growth. The objective is to cultivate collaborations that strengthen and expand the ecosystem.

Special situation and growth: This area covers potential opportunities like acquisitions, token swaps, Treasury sales, $Param buybacks, and other strategic deals to benefit the ecosystem.

Governance ParametersTBD

Staking Requirements



Based on funding tier -11.11% to 21.11%

Approval %

Majority > 51%

Post Submission Voting Period

7 days 14 days

Time Lock

3 Days with the Committee (Veto) and Param Council

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