$PARAM Utility

Ecosystem Revenue Sharing

Sales from various ecosystem products, including Kira Bucks, the "Pixel to Poly" service, in-game advertising, and NFT marketplace transactions, contribute to revenue directed towards $PARAM token buybacks. This decentralized approach allows the DAO to allocate funds, creating a sustainable economic loop and enhancing the overall value of the token. The introduction of "Param Pools" further strengthens this mechanism with a deflationary 5% platform fee in $PARAM tokens, strategically managed for burning and ecosystem pool enhancement.

Practical Utility

Param Token delivers practical utility through various channels. It acts as a payment method for "Wager Matches" within Param Pools, elevating the gaming experience. PARAM holders enjoy exclusive benefits, including discounts on in-game items, merchandise, and more. Staking PARAM also provides the opportunity to acquire free token allocation in partnered projects, incentivizing user engagement. Additionally, staking PARAM enhances game discovery on the platform's launcher, promoting a dynamic and engaging ecosystem.


At the core of the ecosystem's governance, Param Token embodies decentralization. Token holders actively engage in decision-making processes, guiding ecosystem development through a democratic proposal and voting mechanism. Governance extends to addressing special situations and fostering growth, allowing token holders to influence strategic decisions. Community incentives are seamlessly integrated into governance, ensuring active participation and fostering a sense of ownership among community members.

Gas Fees Across Param Network

Param Token plays a pivotal role in managing gas fees across the network. It is utilized for L2 Mainnet gas payments, ensuring smooth transactions on the network. L3 gas fees and bridging fees are also paid using $PARAM, contributing to the efficiency of transactions and enabling seamless asset transfers across different layers of the Param Network. This practical utility enhances the overall user experience within the ecosystem.

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