Param L2/L3 ZK EVM

Param Mainnet is an innovative Layer 2 solution designed to enhance the Ethereum ecosystem and its ethos. It's a general-purpose platform that integrates various aspects of a modular technology stack.

Settlement Layer - Ethereum

The core of Param's operations lies on the Ethereum blockchain. This means that Param uses Ethereum's robust and secure infrastructure for validating transactions. Additionally, Param introduced its own token, known as "Param," which is used to pay for transaction fees on its network.

Execution Environment - EVM

At its heart, Param Mainnet runs on the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), ensuring compatibility with a wide range of existing Ethereum applications. However, Param goes a step further by allowing higher layers (Layer 3s) to employ other virtual machines like Move and SVM. This flexibility enables diverse and efficient execution possibilities, including parallel processing and innovative approaches to Parallel Fee Market (to isolate gas fees spikes).

Data Availability

To optimize costs, Param Mainnet will store its transaction data on a specialized layer known as a Data Availability (DA) layer. This approach aims to strike a balance between cost-efficiency and security. Several potential DA layers are under consideration, including Celestia, Polygon Avail, EigenDA, and NEAR.

Decentralized Sequencer Initiative

In line with the ethos of decentralization, Param Labs is developing a decentralized sequencer mechanism. This will allow multiple entities to operate the Layer 2 network, thereby reducing risks related to single points of failure and censorship. It also engages the community by allowing them to host sequencers, fostering a more inclusive and robust network. The $PARAM token gains additional utility here, serving as a staking token for those who wish to participate in the sequencing process.

Leveraging Param's IP for Shared Network Effect

Param Mainnet invites innovators and developers to harness our intellectual property to enhance their projects and ecosystems. This collaboration aims to foster a shared network effect, where every new project enriches and gains from our collective ecosystem. By integrating with Param, developers access our treasury, cutting-edge technology, and supportive community, magnifying their project's potential and scope.

Embracing a Web3 Ethos

Our philosophy is rooted in the spirit of Web3, emphasizing decentralization, community-driven development, and freedom from traditional venture capital influences. We believe in empowering developers to pursue their visions through our ecosystem fund without the constraints and pressures often imposed by traditional funding models.

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