Kira Genesis

The Kira Genesis Collection consists of 10,001 unique avatars designed by world-famous artists Antoni and Marc Tudisco. These NFTs are usable skins within the Kiraverse Game, offering a wide range of utility and rarity.


Kira Genesis NFT utility includes:

• Seamlessly integrated as a playable avatar within Kiraverse

• Enables users to accrue Kira Bucks within the game

• Offers monetization opportunities through renting to fellow players

• Supports staking for additional benefits

• Holders are eligible for future airdrops

• Grants access to free premium matches within Kiraverse


Rarity tiers are based on a 7-tier ranking system:

Tier 1: Rank 1- 100

Tier 2: Rank 101-1,000

Tier 3: Rank 1,001-2,500

Tier 4: Rank 2,501-5,000

Tier 5: Rank 5,001-7,500

Tier 6: Rank 7,501-9,000

Tier 7: Rank 9,001-10,000


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